Get Involved

The smallest acts can lead to changing lives and recognizing the importance of education. Get friends and family involved in the activities below and be sure to check back for updates on more things you can do across Illinois.

Write a thank you note

There are many things that teachers and mentors help us each with, and sometimes we forget to show our gratefulness for providing us with knowledge. Take time to write a thank you note to someone who helped you along the way.

Know your elected officials

Stay in touch with those who represent you in government. (Links to,

Draw a picture

An easy activity for kids to do at home or at the kitchen table. Have them draw out what they want to be when they grow up, and then find some room on your refrigerator to display.

Volunteer on neighborhood clean-up days

Your local government office should have a list of days when you can get involved all throughout the year.

Participate in take your child to work days

If your employer offers, take advantage of showing your child what you do for a living. Plus, they’ll enjoy spending the time with you! (

Organize a workplace “Show Your College Pride” Day

Find out who went where and see who really knows their school fight songs.

Support local businesses in your community

Organizations all across the U.S. stress the importance of keeping our local economies strong.

Start a savings account

College can be expensive, life can be expensive. Start learning smart saving habits by visiting your local bank today.

Keep a journal

Writing is a huge component of college and beyond. Practice your writing skills and write about things you personally enjoy.

Plan a visit to a local college or university

Go by yourself, invite friends, or plan a family trip. Universities give tours every day and learn more about what these institutions in Illinois have to offer.